The Evil Within: The Executioner

Tango Gameworks - Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The Executioner is the third DLC of The Evil Within. Set as first-person battle matches, the player takes control of a Keeper and faces many creatures and characters from the game. As enemies are defeated, coins are collected to purchase new weapons and upgrades.

The Evil Within: The ExecutionerThe Evil Within: The Executioner

The story is focused on an unknown man who is linked to MOBIUS, is connected to the STEM, and is in control of a safe headed creature known as The Keeper. The player is in search of his daughter and must follow diaries to understand the truth. The Keeper is also given orders by MOBIUS to eliminate the other subjects within the Mansion and other locations due to their effect on his daughter.

Game Details

Release date: 5/26/2015
Genres: Role-playing (RPG) 
Themes: Action Horror Survival 
Modes: Single player  



Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Tango Gameworks

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