The Crew

Ivory Tower - Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Get behind the wheel of this revolutionary action-driving game. The Crew delivers a massive open-world United States, full of highways, alleyways, dirt roads and more. Join up with others to take on challenges, or go solo and explore the countryside in a game populated by other real players.

The CrewThe CrewThe CrewThe CrewThe Crew

Game Details

Release date: 12/2/2014
Genres: Adventure Racing 
Themes: Action Open world 
Modes: Multiplayer  Co-operative  Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)  Single player  



Developer: Ivory TowerUbisoft Reflections
Publisher: Ivory TowerUbisoft Reflections

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Expansions:The Crew: Calling All Units

Game Engine

Babel engine  


  • cars
  • racing
  • off road
  • street racing
  • adventure

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