Nintendo - Friday, December 31, 1982


Popeye (ポパイ Popai) is a 1982 arcade game developed and released by Nintendo based on the Popeye cartoon characters licensed from King Features Syndicate. The Family Computer (Famicom) saw an educational sequel on November 22, 1983: Popeye no Eigo Asobi, an English teaching game akin to the later Donkey Kong Jr. Math. In Popeye, two players can alternate playing or one player can play alone. The top five highest scores are kept along with the player's three initials. Popeye was available in standard and cocktail configurations.


Game Details

Release date: 12/31/1982
Genres: Arcade Platform 
Themes: Action Comedy 
Modes: Multiplayer  Single player  

Alternative Names:

  • ポパイ Popai



Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo

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