Disco Dodgeball Remix

82 Apps - Tuesday, May 22, 2018


"Zen Studios presents your new favorite sport-type-thing! DISCO DODGEBALL REMIX offers up a crazily intense mix of arena-based first-person shooter and classic dodgeball—all played by killer robots whose lethality is only surpassed by their charm. Combatants one-hit kill their opponents with physics-based precision, all with skateboard-style movement set to a neon-drenched dance-club aesthetic. Players throw glowing dodgeballs at each other and complete objectives in team-based or free-for-all modes, using a variety of powerups and showboat aerial trick-shots to score extra points. Originally released on PC as ROLLER-DERBY DISCO DODGEBALL"

Disco Dodgeball RemixDisco Dodgeball RemixDisco Dodgeball RemixDisco Dodgeball RemixDisco Dodgeball RemixDisco Dodgeball Remix

Game Details

Release date: 5/22/2018
Genres: Indie Shooter Arcade Sport 
Themes: Action Science fiction 
Modes: Multiplayer  Co-operative  Single player  



Developer: 82 Apps
Publisher: 82 Apps

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