Deus Vult - Arena

omicron studio - Saturday, December 1, 2018


Deus Vult - Arena is an Action Adventure third person shooter with stealth elements and a combat system that rewards tactical ability and quick player reflexes. Deus Vult - Arena is the realization of a dream born playing the great masterpieces of our childhood like 'Soul Reaver', 'Metal Gear Solid', 'Doom' and a little touch of 'The Legend Of Zelda' The beating heart of the DVA experience is the dualism of its gameplay. There will be two main characters will be 2, Minocar and Lulu Trapped in an indissoluble link! They will need each others to proceed in the adventure. With Lulu we will face the phases of Exploration, Stealth, Puzzle. And transformed in Minocar we will take on the Arenas! Making our way through hordes of enemies with viciousness, tearing and absorbing their spirits to increase our power.

Deus Vult - ArenaDeus Vult - ArenaDeus Vult - ArenaDeus Vult - ArenaDeus Vult - Arena

First, we meet Lulu, a spirit with a dark past that doesn’t have any memories or consciousness of who he is or why he is there. Then we will meet Minocar, a mysterious talking skull with an axe stuck in his cranium, to whom Lulu will speak as his master. The story of DVA (Deus Vult - Arena) starts in Lythra, a place devastated by a supernatural cataclysm and populated by hostile creatures and deadly traps! The player's goal will be to escape Lythra, to do so he will need to explore every corner of his prison, following the clues that Minocar will give him and learning to make use of his immense power!

Game Details

Release date: 12/1/2018
Genres: Indie Adventure 
Themes: Action Open world Stealth Fantasy 



Developer: omicron studio

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Game Engine

Unreal Engine 4  


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  • stealth
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