Chronicle of Ruin

Dusty Games - Monday, December 31, 2018


"Chronicle of Ruin is a real-time tactical Japanese-style RPG inspired by classics like Ogre Battle, Final Fantasy VI, and Final Fantasy Tactics. by fusing the overarching tactical gameplay of the Ogre Battle series with the intimate experience of classic JRPGs and wrapping it in an engrossing narrative influenced by the memorable characters, high politics, and rich worlds of games like Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics, Chronicle of Ruin aims to be something both fresh and familiar, that reminds players of the best of the old as it brings it into the new."

Chronicle of RuinChronicle of RuinChronicle of RuinChronicle of Ruin

"Nothing escapes the ravages of time. Stone crumbles, metal rusts, people grow old and die. All things end in dust, crushed fine by the turning of the ages. The lone weapon against such an inexorable force is constant vigilance. But even that can only hope to stave off the inevitable for a while longer. Amidst countless generations of unbound war and reckless destruction, peace had always been a distant dream. Twenty years ago, that dream was violently realized when the Traitor King Weyrin unleashed his curse upon the land. In a matter of weeks, the entire kingdom of Galamonde fell under its shadow. The remaining great nations of Valessia, Ondora, and Zaragos managed to broker a truce quickly enough to hold the curse at bay, but the land it blighted endures, a festering threat in the heart of the world. In the ensuing decades, what was once open warfare has devolved into restrained hostility, as the powers that be struggle to hold themselves together under constant threat of outbreak, uprising, and the inevitable resurgence of total war."

Game Details

Release date: 12/31/2018
Genres: Indie Role-playing (RPG) Tactical 
Themes: Warfare Fantasy 
Modes: Single player  



Developer: Dusty Games

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  • character customization
  • crafting
  • jrpg
  • real time tactics
  • class-based
  • turn-based combat
  • day/night cycle